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From it’s humble beginnings near Glasgow in Scotland, Angelwax manufactures a variety of high end boutique waxes as well as a comprehensive range of car care and car detailing products. The Angelwax range is used by industry professionals to enhance the overall look and feel of the cars. Angelwax produces their products in small batches by hand from the best materials ensuring each product is of the highest quality.

enigma legacy

Angelwax enigma legacy titanium hybrid ceramic coating is an easy-to-use titanium ceramic coating designed specifically for the paint surface of your vehicle. Once applied, Enigma Legacy will protect the surface of the treated panel from harmful fallout and contamination thus making cleaning and maintenance much easier and more importantly, leave an unrivalled gloss finish!


enigma legacy rim

Enigma Legacy Rim offers the best protection for wheels, repelling brake dust and contaminants and making them easier to maintain. Brake dust is detrimental to wheels. It heats up and penetrates the wheel finish, causing pitting and stains. Wheel protection is vital to maintaining the beauty of wheels. Enigma Legacy Rim provides an incredibly durable, long-lasting coating that blocks out all contamination. Wheels coated with Enigma Legacy are simple to clean and they tend to stay cleaner on their own. Car shampoo or a non-acidic degreaser is all you need for regular wheel cleaning.

enigma wax

Angelwax Enigma Wax is the latest creation from the Angelwax creation lab.

Angelwax Enigma is a unique state of the art detailing wax, incorporating complex ceramic molecules which have been designed and formulated to offer outstanding durability paired with an uncompromising high gloss finish. Unlike conventional detailing waxes, the ceramic component within Angelwax Enigma bond to the vehicle's surface whilst filling microscopic holes and pores in the paintwork to ensure a completely smooth and level finish. This not only improves the overall gloss and finish but also aids in better water sheeting and self-cleaning properties.